What Are the Repayment Conditions of Installment Loans?

What Are the Repayment Conditions of Installment Loans?

  • Two ID photos and SIN proof
  • Proof of address (such as a service invoice)
  • Most recent two pay stubs
  • A specimen check (such as a pre-authorized debit form)
  • Bank statement covering the last 90 days


One of the key advantages of our installment loans in Canada is instant payments. Applications submitted before am Eastern Time will pay out within the day. Even if you apply later, you’ll still receive your funds within 24 hours.

What Loan Types Are Available?

While all our installment loans Canada can help you get out of a tough spot, we also offer different cash advances for specific situations. Whether you need instant financial support or want to rebuild your credit, there’s an option for you.

Personal Loan Without Refusal

Sometimes you’ll be faced with surprise bills that you have to pay immediately. These could be anything from urgent medical expenses to utility costs. When you need an instant cash loan and can’t afford to be refused, apply for our personal installment loans Canada.All you need to do is complete our online application form, and you can get the loan within 24 hours. Our no-refusal option guarantees you receive up to $1,500 when you need it.

Bad Credit Loans

Your credit score is measured on a scale of 300 to 900. The closer it gets to 300, the more likely banks are to refuse your loan application. Our bad credit loans omit these checks so anyone can get financial assistance regardless of their repayment history.

Short-Term Loans

Short-term loans aim to provide quick cash relief while still being affordable. Our installment loans in Canada come with three customizable repayment options. These loans give you access to financial relief and are quick to pay off.

Quick Money Loans

With our straightforward online application form and limited documents required, installment loans in Canada from Cash Depot are quick and accessible. We don’t conduct credit checks and can withdraw your cash within 24 hours. You can even receive your loan on the same day by applying before am Eastern Time.

Payday Loans

No one wants to be surprised by emergency bills when their paycheck isn’t payday loans Parsons Tennessee enough to cover it. When you need a cash boost to cover your expenses each month, payday loans can help. You’ll receive the installment loan you need, and your first repayment is only due on your next payday.

Debt Consolidation

If you have multiple accounts and credit cards, it can be tough to keep track of your debts. This can lead to expensive repayments as you’ll be paying separate interest on each one. Debt consolidation is a service that combines your expenses into one manageable amount.

Loan Without Credit Checks

Credit checks not only take time but can also prevent you from getting a much-needed loan. Banks and similar institutions are quick to reject your application if your score is too low. At Cash Depot, our installment loans no credit check don’t require these inspections.

All we need is proof of a steady income and employment. We use this information instead of credit checks to see if you can repay the loan.

Cash Advance

While banks can take 15 days to process your application, our cash advances can pay out in hours. Simply send us your employment details and fax a few documents to get advances of up to $3,000.

A defining feature of installment loans is regular repayments. This makes it simple for you to plan out how to pay back your loan. When you need a fast cash advance, our services provide affordable solutions.

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