Shepard and you may party talks to new staff at lobby dining table, and after asking regarding Dr

Shepard and you may party talks to new staff at lobby dining table, and after asking regarding Dr

On the way to this new asteroid exploration business Mahavid, Shepard, Cortez as how does pink cupid work well as the group talk about the specifics of the purpose and you can the data it discover when you’re searching the newest laboratory, and in addition find a little Reaper scouting group close to the exploration cutting-edge, signaling when this new Reapers have there been they was basically with the best trail. Just after getting rid of the fresh scouting people, the brand new group inserted the new lobby area having T-GES Mineral Functions teams hanging around, oblivious on Reaper people the Normandy party only cleaned aside. Garneau, find out that the lift was inoperable. Immediately after having fun with a repair drone to solve the newest elevator, brand new group motions doing the second floor and you may discovers a keen undelivered content by Dr. Garneau to help you Dr. Bryson – which has a working code for additional clearance. As a security terminal revealed footage away from Dr. Garneau’s arrival to the business earlier, they states the average person matter for being able to access the medical bay.

Once into the, new team fits Dr. Garneau. Once a discussion it turns out this individual has been regulated of the Leviathan and it also helps make the thrall escape. Shepard gets chase but following the second home was closed out of, the team finds the best possible way out compliment of an accessibility hierarchy heading exterior. The latest Reapers, trying to find Leviathan, delivered her pushes to avoid Shepard. Marauders, Ravagers and you can old-fashioned Husks attack, as well as a pair of Banshees. Due to the fact fix is done this new squad continues next in to the towards the new exploit, in which they get a hold of Dr. Garneau with his straight back towards artifact and you will in the middle of Husks. Unlike giving Shepard a clear decide to try within Husks, Garneau detonates the artifact, destroying him along with the rest of your own Husks.

Garneau’s human anatomy. As it happens the man they certainly were going after are an enthusiastic imposter whatsoever. The newest corpse contains encoded analysis and you will 8 overlooked phone calls regarding Ann Bryson, Shepard’s second hook on the study. A few of the facility’s personnel, apparently by themselves once again, approach. Not merely perform they have zero recall regarding whom Dr. Garneau are, they actually have no recollection regarding things except that getting someplace black and cooler. Whenever Shepard issues her or him about Reapers assaulting the beds base, they don’t seem to know what good “Reaper” is actually. Fundamentally, Shepard requires her or him exactly what 12 months it’s. An enthusiastic asari miner responses 2176 – appear to the new Leviathan features stored this new facility’s professionals because thralls for ten years. When Shepard reveals it, the brand new facility’s professionals appear shocked and you will considerably baffled.

By the point out of Shepard’s arrival, Reaper forces have previously started assaulting Namakli looking the latest Leviathans’ path. Ann Bryson is actually rescued, although Marauders have already going being able to access a special Leviathan artifact receive on earth. Brand new Leviathans again you will need to deter Shepard throughout the browse from the enthralling Bryson, causing the Leader so you can ruin new artifact.

When they are looked after, the group attempts to accessibility the door, however, electricity goes traditional and from now on they want to companion an effective vulnerable repair drone to fix two electricity tools

Left which have not one options, Shepard and you can organization turn to making use of the artifact for the Dr. Bryson’s research, with Ann providing while the lure, in order to shadow Leviathan correspondence signals. The fresh new artifact’s protecting try temporarily dissatisfied, top Ann is briefly mesmerized when you are EDI outlines the new code. The process works and you may Shepard sooner gets to the main cause out-of Leviathan indicators: 2181 Despoina.

Exploring the area among the many squadmates finds out the real Dr

Truth be told there, Shepard dives with the Leviathans’ lair deep beneath the planet’s water and meets an excellent Leviathan, and this uses the efforts to help you trap Shepard in their head. Projecting by itself since Derek Hadley, one posing as Alex Garneau, and you will Ann Bryson, Leviathan explains its race’s record and you will link with the fresh new Reapers. Initial, Leviathan refuses to let Shepard, justifying it skepticism into facts none enjoys outdone this new Reapers before; it plan to allow duration to keep as planned, remaining the brand new Commander as their servant as the Reapers amass the latest universe because they usually over, but Shepard points out your Reapers now understand of its existence and this the latest Leviathans can no longer manage to are still within the separation.

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