I was looking for a line of credit of $10-20k

I was looking for a line of credit of $10-20k

The way this company behaves really makes them seem like a scam. I contacted them looking to solve cashflow problems payday loans near me Waterford for when clients don’t pay their invoices on-time. I haven’t been in business long enough to qualify for a business loan. After great discussions with the initial sales rep, I’m connected with another one – the closer. Good conversations there too, but then she asked if I would want $40k in credit. Being that I’m just looking for an open line of credit for emergencies, I was like, yeah sure. Then she said, how about $50k? I wasn’t really thinking about this increasing my fees.

Then, they do their thing to get personal and business credit, but I was thinking I was getting credit from various banks (I know Seek Capital is not a bank). It’s just credit cards, which don’t help with cashflow. So now I have 3 new credit cards which is very pointless and doesn’t really help, one of which I definitely want to cancel because it’s a card that also has an annual fee b/c it’s a Delta Sky Miles card – so useless! Unfortunately, I had a family emergency in the middle of all this on a Saturday, and disappeared for 2 business days. So just 2 days of going dark, and I receive over 20 messages from this company! Who does business this way? It’s complete pressure sales, pressure collections with threats.

They told me they would get me the cash I was looking for by “unsecured lines” and in my business name

The silver lining – The American Express Blue Business Plus card is a really great card. I had never heard of it. Seek Capital found it for me, and the way it works and benefits are absolutely worth keeping. So do yourself a favor, and just apply for that card on your own. If you qualify, it’s awesome. This whole debacle is costing me over $6,000. I had paid extra for a Business Credit Profile which I never received, so all of this is **. But, I’m the type that pays my bills. So I’ll pay the amount, and do what I do and try to inform the world to beware of this company. It’s not worth it. You can apply for a ton of credit cards on your own in a few minutes. Hell, you can hire a virtual assistant for $270 and they can do everything Seek Capital did. That’s how worthless the service is.

But it isn’t lines of credit to help with cashflow at all

I was about to sell my soul last week. I called a week ago based off a small business loan search. They were the first company who came up. They keep you on the phone for a very long time to wear you down. I signed the agreement because the sales rep Mike made it seem like an amazing solution for my cash flow issues. They purposely scheduled my call 2 days later after the 48 hour clause passes. Once you sign the first agreement, you will be out $495. After 48 hours it’s 995. During one of my calls the verification call the fees of this process started to sink in.

If they get you the funding or any funding they will charge up to 11% of the amount. So if you get a mere 5K credit card you can probably get yourself, you will owe them 11% of that balance. After reading reviews on Google, here and the 80 BBB complaints filed against them, I decided to pay them the cancellation fee of 995 before having my credit ruined and paying them more fees. I learned a huge valuable lesson last week to have more due diligence in researching these types of companies. I have reported them to the FTC. I hope a class action suit is brought against them because the fact this is legal is mind-boggling and predatory.

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