Coming on The fresh Zack Isle [ ]

Coming on The fresh Zack Isle [ ]

Honoka claimed an effective raffle (though it are suggested one Zack ended up being employed in this lady winnings, because she says you to definitely she acknowledged he exactly who offered the lady the new successful ticket on area out of somewhere), and although hesitant because of it meaning leaving the girl granny shaadi Mobile trailing, she sooner went to the new isle for a fortnight.

For the last go out, she talked along with her “friend”, Mr. Moo, about she had several firsts during the lady vacation and you will conveyed need for getting another excursion, before making bound to give thanks to the proprietor due to their hospitality while in the the girl day to the area.

The latest Sixth Tournament [ ]

Ergo Helena commands Marie Rose to protect Honoka. Ayane, as well, is assigned to keep in mind the lady. After Marie Flower and Honoka fulfill, he is assaulted by the a beneficial pterodactyl into the Missing Eden. Marie Flower dodges brand new assault, impressing Honoka sufficient on her behalf to decide to possess a friendly battle with the woman. Even in the event Honoka was outdone, she actually is capable copy Marie Rose’s dodging movements, with Ayane observing about point.

She afterwards matches Eliot when he was discovering their browse regarding his grasp, Gen Fu. She is actually interested adequate to strive to read it but was stopped by Marie Flower to be also close to Eliot. She demands him to a fight and you can spends their master’s position, but it’s unknown which obtained the fight. She later knowledge Leifang and you can immediately after acknowledging the lady design given that taiji quan, pressures their to help you a combat. Leifang relates to Honoka because “an enthusiastic airhead” but battles the girl due to her curiosity away from Honoka. Honoka gains the fight.

Honoka later on finds out the brand new runner up toward 5th competition, Hitomi, planning to illustrate towards latest competition, and even with Marie Rose seeking end this lady away from butting in on her behalf degree, demands which they spar because the she arrangements towards the entering the tournament as well. Hitomi accepts, regardless of if she can make obvious she won’t keep back. Hitomi gains the come across, regardless of if Honoka is actually nonetheless came across and you will politely many thanks the woman by bowing and you may vowing to train much harder.

Due to the girl parallels in order to Raidou, Honoka try wished because of the MIST to do Raidou’s renewal

She afterwards watches Bass and you may Tina struggle as well as tries to copy the latter. Upon Tina beating the lady father, she notices Honoka and you may attracts her right up getting a spherical, with Honoka eagerly acknowledging. Tina bests Honoka inside race and you can Honoka responses on Tina’s strength. Tina also offers their another matches afterwards before persisted to help you struggle the woman father. Unbeknownst to everyone, but not, Ayane and you may Hayate observe which about rafters, and are astonished from the Honoka’s capacity to really well backup other fighters, and this they’ve got simply viewed immediately after in advance of.

Ayane after that ambushes Honoka and you will continues to combat the woman. Marie Rose scolds Ayane for injuring Honoka, however, Ayane only recognizes you to the girl performance have been indeed exactly what she thought. After, Honoka brought Marie Flower so you’re able to a confectionary shop and you may intended that an excellent ninja often visited around prior to admitting she is joking. Unbeknownst to the lady, but not, said ninja, Kasumi, was expose along with read her or him. Ayane afterwards ambushes them once again, likely to capture Honoka on infant custody, that will be compelled to challenge Marie Rose. Sadly, shortly after Ayane defeated Marie Flower, each other know that Honoka has been abducted of the Christie throughout their fight.

Resisting Christie, Honoka vacation trips her bonds and you may claims she become assist 100 % free. Immediately following a painful challenge, Christie, is able to subdue the woman. The woman is after that listed in the system close to Raidou. Yet not, not really the lady energies is actually adequate to restore Raidou, pushing NiCO to find Raidou’s almost every other girls and boys, Ayane. Christie after that spends Honoka’s confiscated mobile-phone to deliver a book to help you Marie Flower (which attempted getting in touch with the girl multiple times out-of worry), knowing complete well that Ayane is in the exact same location.

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