Bom dia, Sou brasileira age estou com bonne dificuldade de hallar essa agulha aui no Brasil

Bom dia, Sou brasileira age estou com bonne dificuldade de hallar essa agulha aui no Brasil

Clover makes a version of a tambour hook a€“ you could be able to find it for the needlecraft aisle in the large box create storage

Hello, Lisania a€“ I am not sure where you can buy it in Brazil. Here in the States, really readily available through Lacis (lacis) and Hedgehog Handworks (hedgehoghandworks)

bour embroidery.. What solutions tend to be suitable for tambour stitches considering the easy reduction. An errant ring prong, hangnail, etc might pulling a number of stitches out of the embroidery. Thank you.

Hi, Laura a€“ Tambour embroidery is used throughout types of programs, from house linens and design to garments (especially couture garments). If the ends tend to be secure a€“ and presuming you’re utilizing a relatively secure, strong thread a€“ it rises better to wear and split.

Hi, many thanks for the useful & remarkable video.i have a question. May be the tambour embroidery exactly like Maggam/Aari work, What i’m saying is would be that another identity of maggam jobs or both vary? For tembour embroidery which thread you might be using + can a simple embroidery floss be properly used with this jobs? is the needle useful for this need sharp hook and that can a tambour work end up being only complete on thin materials?

It can be done two various ways, Ginny a€“ it is possible to take the needle out from the latest cycle, making the circle on the top, after which push the attach from beneath and pull that finally circle into back. Next slice the operating bond and extract the end through cycle on back and cinch the circle all over bond conclusion.

Or, you may make the last circle and then draw one higher circle through it. Enlarge this extra cycle, so that you will have actually about two ins of functioning thread, cut the bond unofficially that foliage you two in of operating bond, immediately after which thread the conclusion the working bond through a needle and finish the circle just like you would a chain stitch, by tacking down correct over the past loop.

Hello bour embroidery. I have maybe not been successful with-it however. I hold snagging and catching the cloth rather than the bond. For newbies factor, what type of material is it possible you advise i personally use? Tks.

Hey Carmen a€“ inside guide, we utilized thread tulle

Not long ago I have one of these brilliant and have now been exercising. My problem is the fact that the hook gets caught from inside the top circle in place of going right through they. Any guides?

I bought it from lacis in Ca, but you can find it in different areas using the internet, or sometimes in textile stores.

Just purchased my personal tambour needles are unable to waiting to use this technique. Focusing on a pool world which stitch appears to be everything I needed accomplish water.

I’ve just began my personal tambour trip, plus videos regarding the fundamental stitch is superb, as all your video were.

Might you display just what materials you utilized in the videos, as I believe the openings involved are ideal for having the a€?feela€? with the stitch, when taking the hook-up and through, with no dreadful snagging that occurs to begin with.

I was wanting to choose a tambour or kantan hook, but I cannot come across any storage near me personally that sell all of them. In addition require it soon, therefore unfortunately getting they on the web don’t work. Can there be any way i possibly could making a tambour hook my self? Like with a needle or wire or something like that? Many Thanks!

Better, in a-pinch, make use of an extremely great crochet hook, but the materials you are working on would have to be an extremely free weave. It’s got a tiny bit latch on it, though, so that you must run it backwards a€“ springing up into the material rather than heading down. But maybe you could snip the latch off, any time you discover one?

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