97 thoughts on aˆ? Libra girl and Scorpio people being compatible aˆ?

97 thoughts on aˆ? Libra girl and Scorpio people being compatible aˆ?

I am obsessed about a libra lady

This little on Scorpio/Libra is really so on aim making use of the Libran female being a cardinal/masculine indication and Scorpio people being just plain chauvenist it is extremely difficult . The in addition is he could be very deeply enthusiastic 1000 power . Very safety and incredibly brilliant ; he is which i would like stage . That is my best solution.

I’d try using that 1000 energy, as well, Olivia. Are not Scorps the residing conclusion. Just don’t even ever before think of fooling with him, alright?

Nancy the thing is he is very strict and think in regards to myself . He does not want to I want to have actually my method with anything ; thinks I have to a lot online game. He believes i will be messing with your constantly and I’m perhaps not . They have finally broken myself down to tears and also the crazy thing are I still like your. The guy will make it appear that tears means nothing to your. I have been already stung a few times. He wishes full controls and don’t own it every other ways.

It really is a feeling combination because you expect you’ll feel treted as an equal. You didn’t let me know just what helps to keep you truth be told there. Exactly what are the good things? Scorpio do many aˆ?testingaˆ? along these lines and certainly will definitely become control freaks.

Oh guy i simply came across this..I can relate with Olivia..Scorpio’s must-have their very own way constantly..they think u include toying using them whenever that’s not your own intention..and they could give you to rips and frequently care and attention less.. We also ended up being stung by a Scorpion..Its like they will have two side..one is extremely enthusiastic and loving and also the other really unpredicatbile and complex..and they’ve been therefore really persistent..but there is something about all of them..i believe its her electricity and warmth and when you will get these to open up they beginning to become confertable, you may get a significantly better knowledge of the way they believe..as they tend is constantly on guard..Im a Libra lady which enjoys a Scorpio man..and it finished very bitter…

The connections got incredible… emotional, physical. But he was really needy/clingy/suspicious. half a year into union, we caught your cheating with an ex. The guy rejected everything. Never apologized, never ever described. In reality, the guy charged me! Bitter ending indeed…

My ex-boyfriend try a Scorpio. I found myself shocked once you mentioned that that is an unlikely relationship collection, because now he is my personal best friend. I don’t know, unique scenario i assume.

I will be Libra feminine just who merely concluded an union with Scorpio male

It was therefore true i marvel have you ever dated every signal you will find or expected people with their knowledge.

Yea we sought out wit a scorpio guy and he broke my personal heart, by cheatin on me since the guy expected myself completely, we had been together for like about two months and that I found out by a friend gettin suspicous every small hint came in…and however actuaaly spotted them…together…it truly hurt but I experienced no idea precisely why but i however enjoyed your…i think im gettin over him bipolar chat room estonian now because im pleased but maybe im simply concealing my personal ideas….?

Seems like the people here experienced knowledge because of the scorpion scorpio. You’ll find various values to a scorpio BTW.

We very first wish say i am a Scorpio male. I suppose it is possible to state we broke up. I simply finished school and also have been stressing to get employment much to the point it is pushed into depression. During this time i have already been disregarding my personal libra girl simply because I didn’t want to be troubled. Furthermore i did not desire their to see me such as this. This went on for approximately two weeks untill i suppose she at long last got sick of they. I am lost, don’t know just how or what to do to get this lady back once again. I favor the girl I’m sure that simply had somewhat greedy stint and from now on i am buying they. Really don’t need to show up weakened by texting or calling but that’s everything I believe i ought to perform. Idk kindly let. (libra female)

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